Instant Payments

In order to complete an instant payment you simply enter the receiver’s Winstant Pay ID (WPayID) or pick from a list of prior transactions, pick the currency and specify the amount and you are ready to go. Optionally you can attach an invoice or fill-in a memo to reference your payment.
The little black squares on the right hand side of the To: field symbolizes a QR code. Clicking on that icon opens a file dialog and allows you to scan a QR code. Scanning the QR code will fill all the fields with the correct values to make it easier and avoid any mistakes by writing the wrong values.

When you are done and have checked that all field are correct,, click “Pay Now” and after your final confirmation, the payment is gone. You can share the payment receipts via Line, Messenger, Telegram or any other instant messaging service – nice and easy! 

The Instant Payment menu in the sidebar allows you make a payment, receive a payment and inspect your payment history.

Receiving a payment is easy. You either provide your WPayID (any of those you have created already see here for more details) or provide the QR code of the payment to the person who want to pay you. Please note that the payer needs to have a wallet with WinstantPay as well.


Upon clicking on “Receive” The following screen presents itself:

The QR code in the picture above represents the payment including your WPayID, Currency, Amount and Invoice number.
The Payer simply scans the QR code and confirms the payment.


As outlined in the dashboard section of this use guide, the history function provides a the full set of past payments you have done 

The payment history as a couple of nice features. As mentioned before you can create a payment and wait for as long as you wish to confirm the transaction. Click on the “Send” button to actually confirm and execute the pending transactions. A past successful payment can simply be repeated by clicking the “repeat” button. Upon clicking the details button the payment details are displayed for your reference as below: