Your Wallet holds and maintains all your account balances and gives you easy access to your past balances and account statements.

Premium Business Users

As a multinational enterprise you can get access to all this information through our web service, which is described in our github repositories .
Just imagine you could centralize your payroll and be KYC and AML compliant… With WinstantPay that can easily be done.
Another interesting feature is that the wallet, depending on your specifics allows you to overdraft particular accounts for as long as the balance of all accounts in your base currency is positive. Contact your WinstantPay Representative for more details.


When clicking on the menu item “Statements” the following selection screen will be presented:

To receive an account statement, you need to select the currency and a time frame or hand-pick two dates in the data range selection boxes.
Click on “Get Report” to receive your account statement instantaneously.

Simply click on the “Reset button” should you wish to clear any choice have made before and start all over again.