How to Make an Instant Payment?

1. Go to your wallet URL (e.g. and sign in your Username and Password(as you have provided in your KYC).

2. To make an Instant Payment, proceed to Instant Payment and click “Pay Now”.
Note: Instant Payments require you must know the WPayID (formerly known as Alias) of the receiver.

3. Fill in the following required fields:
  • To: the WPayID (Alias)( of the receiver
  • Currency: currency to be transferred
  • Amount: amount of money to be sent
  • From: the Alias of the sender
  • Invoice: reference of the payment (Optional)
  • Memo: a note to the receiver (Optional)

4. After filling up the form you can choose to “Create” the payment or “Pay Now”

  • Create – The payment will not be credited into the receiver’s account and will let you proceed the transfer later.
  • Pay Now – Payment will be instantly transferred to the receiver.

5. Once the payment is created the details will be displayed. Click the “Pay Now” button if you would like to proceed on the transfer.

Note: You may review the history by going to: Instant Payment and click “History”. There is also an option to send the payment if you would like to proceed.

6. Once the payment is successfully transferred, you can share the confirmation to the receiver using the sharing feature of the wallet.

Should you need further assistance, kindly contact