Signing Up and Signing In

If you are a new user of the WinstantPay wallet, you need to complete your registration by filling in your KYC data. The objective of this registration process – the banking world calls KYC – is to help to prevent theft, financial fraud as well as terrorist financing and money laundering. WinstantPay adheres to a risk based KYC process, which allows us to understand you  better, comply with the various global banking regulations and manage any potential risk carefully.

The first step would be to head over to worldkyc ( and click the register button. 

If you already have a wallet with WinstantPay continue to the next article.
If you need any further information, simply refer to the WorldKYC user guide.
After signing up, you can login to your new Wallet. 
In the login screen you can
  • change your default language;
  • reset your password, by clicking the Forgot Password Link;
  • Register (should you not have done so); and
  • Contact the WinstantPay team, should you need further assistance.