Key Concepts

With your WinstantPay Wallet you can:
  1. Instant exchange between digital currencies, including Crypto and fiat currencies;
  2. Instant global and local payments;
  3. Merchant solutions for accelerating sales, paying suppliers, receiving payments;
Privacy is important; You can pay any WinstantPay member instantly in any currency and anonymously, yet be fully KYC and AML compliant (without sharing personally identifiable information, or sensitive personal information with buyers, suppliers). This is achieved by the WinstantPay ID, which can be seen as an alias of your main WinstantPay ID (WPayID).

The WinstantPay ID – WPayID

A WinstantPay account alias (WPayID) is a shorthand name for an account in WinstantPay. By default, through your KYC record, we use your email address as the main WPayID. In order to maintain anonymity in front of receivers you can simply add a new WPayID for merchant payments . This alias can be anything from a simple string or a number to an alternative email address, which was used in the transaction. Once a type alias has been defined, it can be used in nearly any context in which the associated account is permitted. 

Know Your Client (KYC)

All members are registered through our WorldKYC™ ensuring compliance with the strict AML (anti-money laundering) policies. The system will also filter cross-border transactions and transmit reports via the standard interfaces of the banking industry to government agencies such as AUSTRAC, FINTRAC, etc.

Block Funds as guarantee

“Blocked fund” feature guarantees escrow funds; This function enables you to block a certain amount of currency against assets in the WinstantPay Wallet. The guarantee can be placed for a merchant or used to secure a loan or a credit card.  Merchants get paid instantly without hold-backs or charge-backs.


You can fund your WinstantPay account by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, following our published crypto exposure policies.


Soon, you will be able withdraw cash in any currency from local ATMs or pay with your WinstantPay credit card.