The Dashboard

Upon login your dashboard presents itself inform of a overview of your account balances. As you can see, you wallet can hold a whole wealth of different currencies and you make payments from- and receive payments into any of these accounts. 
On the left of your screen in the sidebar you see the main menu. This menu provides access to the features of the wallet like the dashboard, Instant payments, Accounts, Add funds (Topup), Convert & Exchange, your User Profile, a means to invite your friend to own a WinstantPay Wallet, a contact page for your inquiries and your currency settings. Through the currency settings you can pick the currencies you would like to transact in. These currencies include today over 150 worldwide fiat currencies and crypto currencies.
Clicking anywhere on the gray area near”PayNow” below the “Balances” in the main area of the screen reveals the Payment form, which allows you to make a transfer or payment right here from the dashboard.

Clicking anywhere in the gray area around “History” reveals your payment history of the last 10 instant payments. 

To see your full payment history go to the History function of the “Instant Payment” menu in the sidebar on the left of the screen.